Recap: Workshop With Kimberly Espinel

March 25, 2023

Finally able to sit and write to you about the Food Photography and Reel workshop we run at the beginning of March with Kimberly Espinel.

So if you want to know how a workshop develops, this post will give you an idea of what we do and how.

I know to speak for everyone when I say that social media platforms are proving extra challenging lately, yet IG is still one of the best places to nurture community online. So I wanted to create a workshop focused on cutting the overwhelm of content creation, especially for videos and reels.

I couldn’t ask for a better partner than Kimberly; her extensive editorial experience and my work as a content creator and recipe developer gave the students diverse styles, editing processes and techniques they can directly apply to clients and their work.

The workshop was developed as follows.

Day 1

We started at 10 with a planned schedule that allowed the students to see our different approaches.

Kimberly and I created short reels and videos to demonstrate camera settings, frame speed and the tech aspects of creating a reel in the most practical ways. The students understood what to include in the footage to minimize the editing time and create truly eye-catching content.

The students had the opportunity of

  • Witnessing our creative process whilst we explained the why behind all our choices and composition techniques
  • Try hands-on right after the demonstrations, create their composition and footage using a large selection of Capturebylucy backdrops and Nom Living props. 
  • Challenge themselves
  • Get clarity, asking the questions that arise as they apply what they just learned.
  • Work with each other and collaborate in a creative work environment.

Day 2 

Building on the learning from day 1, Kimberly and I took it up a notch. We wanted our students to have versatile and interesting material and all their doubts answered. So our students could walk away knowing how to confidently create a video and the perspective on the many available options that can make their content creation easier and more consistent.

We also had more time to sit and enjoy the delicious food, including the incredible Julienne Bruno vegan burrata, and discuss about photography and our different experiences.

Our students

  • Learned the ins and outs of editing content on their phone/tablet with free and pay-for apps to create show-stopping short videos.
  • Understood key short-form video trends
  • Created a cinematographic recipe reel – we taught this focusing on dark, moody and romantic visual storytelling.
  • Had the opportunity for Q&A
  • Received additional follow-up material! We know the 2 days were full of information to retain and challenging hands-on lessons. So we sent summary PDFs, additional footage and a screen recording of the editing session for longer Reesl and videos in Premier Pro to revisit their learning at home at their own pace.


Thank you so much for gifting our attendees with your highly crafted 

  • NOM LIVING – ceramics that never failed me in the kitchen and in front of the camera. The most versatile for food photography and my very first props!
  • JULIENNE BRUNO – Never ever tasted a vegan burrata like this one, and I’m Italian. I know a thing or two about burrata. Impressive!
  • CAPTURE BY LUCY BACKDROPS – Lucy backdrops are behind almost every photo I make for myself and my clients so honoured to have you here sponsoring us again



On May 12th, Aimee twigger and I will host a London food photography composition and storytelling workshop!

Find more info here or write me at silvia(@)


Silvia x


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