Food Photography And Reel Workshop with Kimberly

January 23, 2023

I’m so glad to announce the food photography, styling and reel workshop with my friend, podcaster and creative force Kimberly Espinel!

The workshop will happen in my kitchen studio in north London (pictures lower down in this post), and we’ll be hosting 2 action-packed days focusing on food photography, food styling and videography to empower you to create stunning and engaging food content for Instagram Reels, your present and future clients and brand partnerships. 

This’s a small group intensive workshop. You will receive a lot of guidance and support, and there will be hands-on practice and demonstrations to learn actionable skills you can apply directly in your work.
Still not sure the workshop is for you? Keep reading to discover your answer.

Essential Information

Where: North West London in my Kitchen Studio

When: Friday, March 3rd and Saturday March 4th, from 10am to 4.30pm

What we’re teaching: Foundation of videography – food styling theory and hands-on practice – short form videography for reels and food photography for portfolio – editing videos (phone or camera)

To book: Please contact me at silvia(@) to receive your booking form and further details.

What to expect from this workshop with Kimberly Espinel and me?

Our objective is for you to learn sustainable ways to create content for your clients and your social media and become truly confident behind the camera (or your phone).

We want you to come out super inspired and energised as you see your photography get to the next level by the minute and experience tremendous growth as a food photographer and stylist by the end of the 2 days.

After this 2 days intensive workshop, you will be able to create fast and effective reels and long video recipes, edit them efficiently, and understand what does and does not work when shooting a video.

You will become confident composing and shooting professional pictures that work on IG and help you sell your work.

As solopreneurs, we had to learn how to make the most of our time and resources while creating reels and photos and juggling clients and other responsibilities we all share. And we want to empower you to do the same!

And here below more info:

The Investment:

Pay in full investment: £997

Payment plan investment: £1147

Please write at silvia(@) for further details.

What do you need

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Ability to use your camera in manual
  • Desire to grow and learn new exciting skills
  • Laptop with Lightroom Classic (you can install the free trial version) and your Smart Phone for Editing.

To workshop or not to workshop?

If this’s the dilemma for you now, here are my 2 cents on why I had chosen to be a student this year and why it makes sense to invest in a workshop in 2023.

In-person workshops and retreats are nourishment. Working mostly from home and by myself, I get a lot of inspiration when I’m collaborating face-to-face with my colleagues, and I can now work out what I don’t know by myself if there’s a new project.

But there’s a moment when you cannot just keep squeezing the juices out. For whatever reason, maybe you don’t want to do it alone, you have little time, but you need the skills, or you hit the rubber wall, and your growth is stalling.

In my case, I needed someone who catered to my creative needs and could inspire me. Also, I wanted to learn a few high-end skills and had no time to do it alone, and I needed the know-how delivered to me quickly and clearly, so I could invest it right away in my photography.

Workshops speed your learning and deliver first-hand information; you also have the gift of seeing your teacher work in person and ask ALL the questions you want!

Now, these are the questions I have for you, my friend. 🙂
What could an in-person workshop do for you? What do you need right now to grow your food photography?
Are you giving yourself fair chances to grow right now?

If you need more inspiration here, there’s a great article by Kimberly that illustrates all you need to consider when deciding to learn food photography.

I really hope to meet you in person at our workshop finally!!

Silvia xx

Some of the mages from my last private workshop with my talented student @PetraFlucka


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